Assurances Le Jeune provides detailed risk management services, individually tailored to their clients' needs.

Six generations of this family owned business have specialised in building enduring and individualised relationships with clients in every area of professional, personal and commercial activity.



Why use a broker?

A broker acts on behalf of his client, and not for the insurance company.  His extensive knowledge of the complexities of the international insurance markets, enables him to provide the most cost-effective solution for risk protection.

No extra costs are incurred for these services, as his renumeration is commission-based.




The History:




43 years after Desire LE JEUNE received a Royal Warrant from King Leopold I to practise insurance broking in the town of Antwerp, in 1843, his son Charles LE JEUNE placed 
the first marine insurance contract for a shipment - 42 cases of beer from Bremen 
to Boma.

 - to the Congo Free State of Leopold II.



43 years later, Alick LE JEUNE, Charles' grandson, became the first LE JEUNE to visit the Belgian Congo, travelling by rail, river steamer and Model A Ford! 
He established Congo's first insurance company, with a staff of 120 and 18 branches spread to 7 countries in Central Africa.



Alick's eldest son, Charles Richard LE JEUNE, together with his brothers and cousins, steered the international broking company of CH. LE JEUNE LIMITED SA through the difficult period of Congo's independence and in 1967 secured a mandate from the State Insurance Monopoly "SONAS" to operate as a Licenced Broker.




The sixth generation takes over, Christopher LE JEUNE creates CH LE JEUNE (CONGO) sarl, ready to follow the motto of the house: 
"I assure and reassure."



Christopher's brother, Stefan LE JEUNE, joins the company in DR CONGO. 




ARCA (Insurance Regulator of DR Congo) authorises Assurances Le Jeune to operate as an insurance broker company. 




Charles Le Jeune 1843 - 1921
Statuts Ch. Le Jeune (Assurances) 1931